Dollar General Land

The Ochelli Effect 12-18-2018 Mike Swanson and Pearse Redmond

Mike Swanson, The Author of The War State and the man behind, began Tuesday’s discussion.

Chuck and Mike talked about oil and the shifting financial sands in the American landscape. The discussion turned to the declining quality of what is served to the general public with the rise of The Dollar General.

Is anyone in the “Black” at this time? The Cult 45 followers continue to ignore the blob that can’t shoot straight. Did Trump really think the POTUS controlled the DOJ? Will elitists every actually pay for any crimes?

Mike will be LIVE on Christmas day discussing the markets year-end-trends.

In the second hour, Pearse Redmond dropped in to do his last guest spot on the show for 2018.

Chuck and Porkins discussed adventures in dentistry, the problem with universal health care, and what happened when Pearse went Christmas tree shopping.

How’s the sickness management industry treating you? How bad is South Park This season? How does anesthesia work on your mind? How famous is Pearse Redmond?

Dollar General Land

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Dollar General Land