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Trans Resister Radio / Uncle LIVE 11-23-2018 Dr. Dog

November 23, 2018

(Notes From Aaron)

TRR 209

Zach Miller is the keyboardist of the band, Dr. Dog. He also happens to be an old friend of Aaron’s from Pennsylvania. Here, the two reminisce about tours of abandoned mansions and machine gun factories. A little bit about Ai and live music is also added to the conversation.

topics include: Dr. Dog, working as a touring musician, being onstage, Newport Music Hall in Columbus OH, Philly Phanatic, Gritty, Philadelphia Flyers, podcasting, Ai, Westworld, self driving cars, temp work, cleaning up filth at Land O Lakes, West Chester, drinking games, living in basement, Psychedelic Swamp, Thornwald Mansion, Carlisle, memory, preshow playlist, live music venues, social media, Instagram algorithms causing problems

Utp 115

Dr. Dog comes on to speak with Uncle. More specifically, Zach Miller, the keyboardist of the rock band, Dr. Dog. Uncle and Zach speak of their appreciation of the Mojave high desert area within and around Joshua Tree National Park. As is to be expected, Uncle has a few ideas for Dr. Dog to help inspire them with their future musical projects.

topics include: Dr Dog, podcasts, Pappy and Harriet’s, Joshua Tree National Park, tour bus, band shirts, the desert, underestimating the climb up rocks, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Cleveland, punk rock, mainstream radio, Howard Stern, Amish Scooters, Groffdale Machine Co, flea markets, riding from Long Beach to Sunset Beach, Frank the crack

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Doctor Dog Feel Good

(Producers Random Thoughts During The Shows)

It’s a good sign when Trans Resister Radio doesn’s open with Roaches and MJice pit-fighting in prison.

When Family Guy and the Simpsons did a cross-over episode didn’t Dr. Nick call Santa’s Little Helper, Dr. Dog? Aaron didn’t read my text messages again. Why not spell dog with 2 gs?

I wonder if people accidentally find these guys online a lot by searching for a vet for their Dogs? Ohio and Pennsylvania are odd places in space and time. Ohio is just more boring,

90% of the first hour Aaron interviewed a musician about tons of stuff. Almost none of the discussion is about music. Don’t spell out the word doctor. I want to do a metal cover of the theme song from Fraggle Rock if I get a chance.

Uncle is still unhappy nobody called. He has a guest though. Zach is apparently a fan of The Clash. Is Uncle pitching himself as a muse? I think Uncle should do Rap Battles.

I wonder if this guy just plays Keyboards? I need to create an Uncle drinking game.

Simpsons/Family Guy Clip:

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Doctor Dog Feel Good