Do They Speak English There

The Age of Transitions and Uncle LIVE 11-6-2020 Sef The Poet

Do They Speak English There

AoT #294

At least half of the show was dedicated to Pennsylvania and nearby geographical areas as fellow Keystone Stater, Captain Tripps called in. The decisive state in this presidential election is decidedly unique.

topics include: Pittsburgh, Central PA, Philadelphia, yinz, subs, pizza, mom-mom pop pop, pap, no turn on red, dialects, Jersey, Trump, 2020 election, media

UTP #201

Sef the Poet returns to the show a new man. A new aspect of Uncle’s New Year’s Revolution is planned, which will be part two of Sef and Chuck’s spoken word battle.

topics include: being thankful, poetry, community service, faith, sword shop, katana blades, 2020, better times ahead, election, new beginnings, Inland Empire, Riverside CA

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Do They Speak English There

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