DNC Broken Historical Paradigm Cinema

Popcorn Politics 3-25-2020 Johnny Ruffier and Jeffrey Matte

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DNC Broken Historical Paradigm Cinema

In this episode of Popcorn Politics, my guest, Johnny Ruffier and I discussed Trump’s approval rating and how that could affect his reelection campaign against Joe Biden.

We then delved further into the civil war in the Democratic party, and how individual primaries could shape its future.

In Massachusetts’ 1st Congressional District, Holyoke mayor, Alex Morse is running to unseat the head of the Ways and Means Committee, Richard Neal.

This election is interesting for a couple of reasons, Morse is a young, established politician, and Neal has stonewalled on getting Trump’s tax returns.

Morse could easily win via painting Neal as sympathetic towards a President who is intensely unpopular in that district.

We also discussed the primary contest from the right between Ed Markey and Joe Kennedy. This race could oppositely define the party.

Kennedy is running a strong race and seemingly leads against the incumbent. We discuss those and more.

In hour two, Jeffrey Matte joins us to talk about one of my favorite films of all time, Gladiator. Directed by Ridley Scott, Gladiator is a story of revenge, struggle, and perseverance.

Maximus is betrayed and sentenced to death by Commodus, who’s just killed the Emperor and seized power. After Maximus cheats death, Commodus puts Maximus’ family to death.

By working his way through the Gladiatorial arena Maximus prepares for vengeance. What makes this story so compelling beyond the incredible production value, is how Maximus and Commodus are characterized.

Commodus is our antagonist, but we sympathize with him. His arc is one of petty vengeance on a political system that he blames for his loveless childhood.

Maximus is fighting for much more tangible revenge, but his story is of redemption and staying true to himself.

Ultimately the story is about how people deal with the horrors that they have faced.

DNC Broken Historical Paradigm Cinema

John Ruffier: Twitter @NotTheChips
Jeffrey Matte: https://jeffreymatte.com/

DNC Broken Historical Paradigm Cinema – Popcorn Politics 3-25-2020 Johnny Ruffier and Jeffrey Matte

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