DNC Arrival Times Super Tuesday

Popcorn Politics 3-3-2020 Johnny Ruffier and Jeffrey Matte

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DNC Arrival Times Super Tuesday

In this episode of Popcorn Politics my guest John Ruffier and I discussed the Super Tuesday elections and their potential implications on the overall primary. We went state by state discussing the potential winners and losers. In Massachusetts, we predicted a Sanders victory and said that a Biden victory would effectively end the primary. In Texas, we were uncertain but leaned towards Sanders. The same for California and Minnesota. Though we lamented the failure of the Sanders campaign to capitalize on its momentum in a meaningful way, as seen by the results, this turned out to be truer than we imagined.

We also discussed how Biden’s victory in South Carolina changed the game. His 28% margin of victory followed by the endorsements of Pete Buttigieg, Amy Klobuchar, and Beto O’Rourke, Biden surged, likely making him the first candidate to lose the first 3 nominating states, and then win the nomination.

The failed campaigns of Elizabeth Warren and Michael Bloomberg were also a topic of discussion. We analyzed the position of each campaign’s position and determined that they had no reasonable path to the nomination.

In the second hour, Jeffrey Matte joined us to discuss Arrival. Arrival is a 2016 film about the first contact with intelligent life. It follows linguist Louise, played by Amy Adams as she tries to communicate with the aliens and learn what they want. We discuss the use of nonlinear storytelling, the implications of the first contact on humanity, and how the human drama accentuates the larger questions the film asks. We discuss the use of Score to anchor us in time and how humanity ascribes humanity to aliens as a way to understand them, as well as what inspirations Denis Villeneuve had when developing the idea of viewing time in a nonlinear fashion.

DNC Arrival Times Super Tuesday

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DNC Arrival Times Super Tuesday – Popcorn Politics 3-3-2020 Johnny Ruffier and Jeffrey Matte