DNA Laboratory Earth

The Ochelli Effect2-14-2019 Doctor Rock

“Lay Down, Turn Around, Here come the sister gonna strip you down Shut up, breathe in, Let’s have the address of your next of kin” because Thursday night we had “The medicine you need”, a rare topic discussed with a unique voice in the world of internet radio. Doctor Rock had to reboot his gear at the beginning of the show, but you may have to reboot your head by the end. Is the true elite agenda something that ultimately concludes with off-world lifestyles of only the rich and not-so-famous? There is more proof of Sasquatch than of a historical Jesus Christ, and Chuck doesn’t believe in either one. Both are great stories.

Last time it was about the cycle of death on this rocking doctored earth, and this time we discuss the engineering of life on the third rock from the sun. Alien influences and the oddly stretched skulls that have been discovered entered the unscripted discourse along with the seemingly undiscovered evidence of Bigfoot and his ilk. How did that flow end up on the assassination of Honest Abe? The Russian Federation and the United Kingdom have released a few blue books, are they worth reading?

The binding of feet, stretching of necks, and extra holes in the head are all part of this particular stream of consciousness. Not the standard conversation for The Ochelli Effect, but does it contain a revelation? From creation to DNA we go, guided by Doctor Rock. Despite all our rages, are we still just rats in a cage? Who Plagiarized and mutilated the story of creation first?

DNA Laboratory Earth

This was a much-needed pause from the ponderous cause of the political news cycle. By the way, Happy Valentine’s Day. Look to the Russian sky in the mind’s eye and remember when all was Love. What separates and joins Homo Sapien Sapien to and from the extent the Animal Kingdom?

DNA Laboratory Earth

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DNA Laboratory Earth – The Ochelli Effect2-14-2019 Doctor Rock