Divide Conquer Rinse Repeat

The Ochelli Effect 7-1-2019 Chuck Solo

Divide Conquer Rinse Repeat

On Monday Jordan said he couldn’t make it so, Chuck decided to wing it. Tanks, but No Tanks, Trump.

Limited hang-outs and propaganda are flowing through the information streams online. Chuck explains why he sees no legitimate battle between left and right in the current political circus of the wannabe stars.

Is there any organic opposition to the establishment? Why are there advanced announcements to explain what is going to be obvious in the near future? Chuck also thanks many people for making the show and the network continue.

Isn’t it funny that Mike Swanson told us last year what the professors are telling us now? Every bubble must burst. What happened just before the last seven recessions.

Does ANTIFA exist? This show ended up being a stream-of-consciousness that followed the pre-show mini-DJ-Music set (Only on Live Stream) there were no notes.


Divide Conquer Rinse Repeat

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Divide Conquer Rinse Repeat – The Ochelli Effect 7-1-2019 Chuck Solo