Dissenting Views Unrelenting News Ques

The Ochelli Effect 10-2-2017 with Joseph Green

Joe Green , Author , Researcher , Publisher , returns to The Ochelli Effect to tackle subjects ranging from American culural illnesses like violence and division to the subculture of The JFK Assassination research Community. Joe has written many articles related to the JFK Assassination and has been an advisor to some of the best film makers. He is on the liberal side of things it seems but common sense and objectives that promote honest discussions of historical realities is the point at which Chuck and Joe meet intellectually.Dissenting Views Unrelenting News Ques.  The KKK Black Panther false relativity  is examined here along with the mass casualty event in Las Vegas. Guns and the manipulation or cultural device of violence in the American character ? What is the damage done by and for the media?  The Next generation has no faith in the system , as it should not have faith placed in it. Coulc America be the type of place we were told it was growing up? What would “White People” have without the input from non-whites? By the way , Where is the Klan’s breakfast programs? All in a Monday Ochelli Effect.

Dissenting Views Unrelenting News Ques

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Dissenting Views Unrelenting News Ques

Ochelli Effect with Joseph E Green 10-2-2017