Dissecting fake JFK documents

Dissecting fake JFK documents

Pchelli Effect 12-07-2017 Carmine Savastano

Another Thursday we are joined by author and researcher Carmine Savastano to explore document research with a twist. How can someone know they are looking at a fake document. there are a few in the JFK case that have fooled well-maening readers and authors several times in the last half century , but we focus on what some call the Rowley Document tonight.

Dissecting fake JFK documents

Media Claims and References
Media Claim 1: Mike Jaccarino, (November 1, 2017), Proof: Lee Harvey Oswald Was A Trained CIA Operative!, Radar Online, radaronline.com
Media Claim 2: Deborah Dragon, (October 25, 2017), Lee Harvey Oswald- CIA-Memo-Doc-Bugged, , Radar Online, radaronline.com
Reference 1: Jeffery Fields, ( May 18, 2017), CBS News Article, cbsnews.com
Reference 2: Central Intelligence Agency, Miscellaneous Series, DCI McCone Memoranda, October 30, 1962
Reference 3: CIA, Oswald 201 file, Box 17, Volume 3, Cable Re Cozumel Invest. Re Daniel Solis, Policeman, January 14, 1964
Reference 4: HSCA, Segregated CIA files, Information regarding Soviet Embassy, and Consulate, Box 7, May 7, 1964
Reference 5: HSCA, Seg. CIA file, Memo: Information developed by CIA the Activity of Lee Harvey Oswald, Box 63, February 19, 1964
Reference 6: HSCA, Seg. CIA file, Volume I: HSCA Review at HQ-Oswald’s Chronology Based on Warren Commission…, (n.d.), p. 20
Reference 7: CIA file, Mr. Lee Harvey Oswald, US National Archives and Records Administration, November 25, 1963 http://documents.theblackvault.com/documents/jfk/NARA-July2017/JFK-July_2017_Release-Formerly_released_in_part/DOCID-32347922.PDF


Dissecting fake JFK documents

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Dissecting fake JFK documents

The Ochelli Effect 12-07-2017 Carmine Savastano

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