Disrupting Trump Red MAGA

The Ochelli Effect 7-27-2018 Sam Spadino and Red Martin

A great Friar’s Day combination of two very different people’s ideas of disruption, and Reformation.

Hour one, we learn from Sam Spadino what it was like to hold up a sign at a Trump MAGA rally reminding the orange Jackass that he was a good friend of convicted predator Jeffrey Epstein. Yes, this is the guy bounced from the Minnesota rally.

Even though Sam is a comedian, he was quite serious about the point he was making. If you listen closely, you might just learn that being antiTrump just may be a consequence of having no tolerance for scum bags in general.

The Ochelli Effect solutes Mr. Spadino’s actions, and Chuck hopes many more individuals like him will be around to interview in the near future.

In hour two, we ask an American Communist what is communism? We also explore the existing broken system in the allegedly capitalist paradise today. Is corruption the caustic element that destroys every ism? How free are you today? How free would you be in a paradigm that is based on socialism? Is communism evil, or just misunderstood?

We hope to have both of these unique men back on and continue these discussions in the near future.

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Disrupting Trump Red MAGA

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Disrupting Trump Red MAGA – The Ochelli Effect 7-27-2018 Sa, Spadino, and Red Martin