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The Ochelli Effect 11-2-2018 Brian Richards

Brian Richards joins us to discuss anarchy and other scary words. No, he is not related to Dan Richards.

Chuck and Brian have talked before, but this time it might be personal.

Has the entire system brought to you by the owners of the American experiment completely failed?

Newsvandal said in the chat, “Trump has weaponized Americans’ distrust (conspiracy theories) and turned it around to work in the interest of the very forces who caused the distrust in the first place”. How correct is he?

Money is a cruel master and a solid servant. When should we declare freedom officially dead?

What innovation will a new society require to avoid being the rat race we currently observe?

Dis In Franchise Mint

Every system of government in history eventually collapses. Is the only motivation to create provided by the desire to avoid starvation?

Self Awareness and Appreciation may indeed be keys to success. The destruction of the collective intellect of America has gone quite well.

Following dreams may be quite pointless without a plan of action. Hard work alone will not work anymore,

No one with knowledge about the majority of minds people have or have not should be happy to allow mob rule.

In alternative structures, disputes will still exist. Currently, the powers that be have chosen to hire half the poor to kill the other half.

What is the positive way to re-shape the world around you? Change your mind and the reality around you may follow.

When in search of a leader, first try looking in a mirror.

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Dis In Franchise Mint – The Ochelli Effect 11-2-2018 Brian Richards