Depression Election Belarus Projection

The Ochelli Effect 8-10-2020 Regular Joe and Ted Edmonson

Depression Election Belarus Projection

Are you feeling as though the News isn’t for you? Regular Guy News might be the solution.

Regular Joe and Chuck discuss the news that isn’t new and the coming harvest in the fall. Are your priority packages a priority? Is Trump the hero turd sandwich you deserve?

Ted Edmonson joined Chuck in the second hour to discuss the unrest in Belarus. After the show, it was determined that the mystery surrounding the whereabouts of the alleged winner of the election was about her fleeing the country.

Could there be a problem in November when our election goes sideways? By the way, how much does the USPS suck now? How Christians hypocrisy? Does anyone remember Jim Baker? How’s Trumpy Bear doing?

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Depression Election Belarus Projection

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