deep web horror stories

The Ochelli Effect 3-7-2018 Aaron Franz

In context the sexual revolution of decades ago did not allow people to begin to understand the wild world of sports that is in play today. Aaron is a bit under the weather but has a unique talk with Chuck about this very thing. Product , Consumer , and moral outrage? or maybe just the new wave of a long delayed revolution of access . Flash Backs of the 90s and the evolution are also covered. Talk about an age of transitions ? Another W Odin’s Day passes and Aaron adds his voice to the Ochelli Effect in a way that only he can. After the first hour of Chuck Solo gets the ball rolling. More to come from Aaron and the UNCLE soon …


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Always loads pf thoughts to get loaded amd locked as we unload the chain and Block , Tackling the phantom menace and punturing the thinly weiled matrix in a transition ,with ages to mention and the d axis of mention aged in transition dockied to loading , and simply floating evermore …. Poetic? I doubt it … But you just read it anyway …

deep web horror stories

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deep web horror stories

The Ochelli Effect 3-7-2018 Aaron Franz : deep web horror stories