DC Plus Deadly Police

The Ochelli Effect 4-23-2021 Roundtable

DC Plus Deadly Police

Chuck started the show by letting you know his mind is not entirely on the show.

DC Statehood and the strategic moves of political motives in motion make much of the Representative nature of getting little done in DC.

Yeah, the sentence doesn’t make much sense and neither does what usually happens in DC.

Pete is the normal co-host and Natureboy helped keep the flow steady. Did we solve anything? Not really. There was also a preview of an upcoming clash that will likely occur between B Pete and Chuck regarding stories of Policy Enforcers who murder people and tragic deaths that may or may not be justified. That is a show for next week.

Mrs.O suffered a heart attack about 16 hours before this show went LIVE, and this means Chuck was not at the top of his game. She survived and is recovering at the time of this post. Big thanks go to B Pete and Natureboy for keeping Chuck on Track.



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DC Plus Deadly Police

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