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The Ochelli Effect 6-19-2019 Dave Emory

On Juneteenth https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Juneteenth Chuck sat down for a discussion with legendary broadcaster Dave Emory.

In Mr. Emory’s nearly 40 years of broadcasting, he has researched and exposed a tremendous amount of truth regarding the assassinations of the 1960s and much more.

Dave and Chuck do not always come to the same conclusions on deep historical events, but LIVE listeners noted an eerie similarity to Chuck and Dave on the very core issues each of them raises and the style of exposition both use to reveal many connections between events and individuals in some very dark chapters of American history. Emory is more of a typical broadcaster, and Chuck, in essence, sounds like the Hard Rock/Heavy Metal DJ must have accidentally sat down in the talk radio guy’s chair.

Dave talks about his motives for what he does during the discussion. Chuck also notes than plays the segment of one of the most fascinating pieces of radio he believes was ever aired anywhere when Gorden Novel actually called into a radio show when his name was mentioned. Chuck also played this piece of audio in the second hour with permission from Mr. Emory.

If you would like to learn more about Dave Emory we suggest visiting his site and If you want to own Dave’s radio archive while supporting the Radio station that carries him, The Links are below.

Dave Emory Spitfire List

Dave Emory ONLINE:


Dave Emory Spitfire List

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Dave Emory Spitfire List – The Ochelli Effect 6-19-2019 Dave Emory