Covid19 Confusion Empathy Exclusion

The Ochelli Effect 8-26-2020 Roundtable

Covid19 Confusion Empathy Exclusion

An unplanned call in on W Odin’s Day is what this podcast has to offer. Battles in the streets may become normal as hyperbolic political non-sense forces there to be few alternatives. Who’s in a bad mood? Why was Cocaine trending on Twitter?

B Pete co-hosted this one as he does on Friar’s Days. Mrs.O, Captain Tripps, and Ed also called in. Tacky Ho versus Jackie O may reveal a lot more than most will want to be known about thought processes. Hurricane Laura is in motion.

The topics were mostly Covid19 related. Vaccines and the lack of consistent standards were also in play. Is science driven by politics, or are politics driven by science? How sure is any of the alleged science?

Will you need to take a jab to get a job? Does anyone else notice that everyone is ill?

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Covid19 Confusion Empathy Exclusion

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