Covid Nineteen Bingo Card

The Ochelli Effect 3-27-2020 Roundtable

Covid Nineteen Bingo Card

Are we about to experience the Greatest Depression? On this Friday Night Open Lines discussion, B Pete and Chuck are joined by Steve Roe, Mrs. O, Spent Kent, and Christie Aphrodite. Plus, we got a report from an unidentified Medical Editor on the general Corona situation.

The discussion centered on the Covid19 Lockdowns and what that means to many. Questions about the data and collection of the information were asked. Who do you know? What is real and overly promoted during this alleged pandemic?

Should fear be all there is? Are there any natural solutions to avoid illness? What does the future hold for governmental power? Will vaccination be forced upon the American population? Is there a Twelve Monkey scenario happening now, or are they making monkies of us all?

We will continue doing the Friar’s Day night discussions with callers. We hope you will join us and be heard.

Covid Nineteen Bingo Card

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Covid Nineteen Bingo Card – The Ochelli Effect 3-27-2020 Roundtable