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The Ochelli Effect 5-13-2019 No Callers

Same old Gulf looks the same as the New Boss in swag nation. Is the anything to the “sex Strike”? Trump-style Socialism is at full tilt boogie while war criminals get pardons and white house praise for being mighty white.

Chuck asked for calls and didn’t get any, but you got a rant alongside some news and breakdowns of the key modus operandi of the actual “deep state” which despite the idiocy of Q is actually just the establishment that put an orange face on its permanent puppet POTUS. He also reads from The Newsvandal Rundown and adds a few new audio pieces in during breaks.

Wrestling with the mentality of midgets that contort their minds to mendacity and mutilate reality to perform the function of a Trump apologist. Chuck faces the cartoonish suggestion of one one of his own hosts regarding a potentially honorable action from Agent Orange 45. People are strange.

AOC and The Bern form a tag team of liberal stupid while Jackie Ho celebrates military moms on the condition that they are only the mighty white ones. Plus The joke hosting Real Time fails so profoundly in understanding the nature of women for hire, Chuck begins to suspect that Bill Mahr is the Left’s answer to Alex Jones.

Rashida hits the third rail of Israeli politics since American discourse on the subject is owned by Israel and she is a Palestinian, this is no surprise. As Trump prepares to retaliate for not being punished over his criminal activity how much more abuse of power and lack of accomplishment will it take to end his cultish supporter’s illness of loyalty?

How’s the trade war treating you? Is the imaginary boom in the economy busting you? How is that love affair with Kim Jung Un going? Is the stock market going to drop more than the 617 points it fell today? Will Trump Junior be as good a liar as daddy? Is the Chinese trade war confusing you as much as Chinese finger-cuffs confuse Trump?

Corpora Hominum Occidit


Corpora Hominum Occidit

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Corpora Hominum Occidit – The Ochelli Effect 5-13-2019 No Callers