Coronavirus Confluence Combination Nation

Popcorn Politics 3-31-2020 Josh Friedman and Jo

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Coronavirus Confluence Combination Nation

In today’s episode of Popcorn Politics, my guest, Josh Friedman and I discussed the way that politicians are using the Coronavirus as a way to push parts of their agenda that may be unpopular with the electorate.

We started with Governor Andrew Cuomo’s bid to cut Medicaid and end Fusion Voting. Then we moved to President Trump attempting to pass a $2 trillion infrastructure bill as a stimulus package. This led us to debate whether this would have any meaningful impact on Trump’s reelection.

I took the stance that Trump’s reelection bid could only be buoyed by this push. Moving internationally we then discussed Prime Minister Orban’s seizure of power in Hungary and Netanyahu avoiding jail and forming a unity government to stop Coronavirus.

After talking about that we dove into the sexual assault allegations against Vice President Joe Biden from a former staffer. We discussed the implications of this on the General Election against Trump.

In the second hour my guest, Jo, and I discussed Edgar Wright’s Cornetto Trilogy of Hot Fuzz, Shaun of the Dead, and World’s End.

These three films are immensely entertaining and without sharing a plot, manage to feel completely interconnected.

We debated the strengths and weaknesses of the three in terms of plot and progression. I believe that the plot comes from both intrinsic and external forces interacting with our characters.

I argued that these films succeeded on this front to varying degrees. We also discussed the nature of the plots, director Edgar Wright described these films as “Trojan Horse films” meaning they appear to be grounded only to reveal something apocalyptic in act 2.

I found this to be compelling and a good way to build characters up, though I think it didn’t quite hit the mark all the time.

Coronavirus Confluence Combination Nation


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Coronavirus Confluence Combination Nation – Popcorn Politics 3-31-2020 Josh Friedman and Jo