Coronavirus Apprentice Viral Ratings

The Ochelli Effect 3-31-2020 Mike Swanson and JP Sottile

Coronavirus Apprentice Viral Ratings

As the economy fails and Stupid Human Tricks with toilet paper come to a city near you, we ask Mike Swanson about the Novel money game and the Corona March Madness. What is the FED doing at this time?

How does the bond market with 100-year plans affect your day to day credit? Is a new world order driving new disorders in the resource economy? Who will be left standing when all the old ways of doing business become things of the past?

JP Sottile arrived in the second hour. He reminded us about the shit shows of the past and talked about what floats before the great flushing sound deals with the culture cruises. Are you a windjammer?

Is the viral nature of social media the perfect prison when the concept of social distancing becomes paramount, and paranoia is the law? Why is no one seeming to question any of this as it emerges? Will the social credit systems of Chinese design be the future of American reality?

Coronavirus Apprentice Viral Ratings – The Ochelli Effect 3-31-2020 Mike Swanson and JP Sottile

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The Origins of the Roman Empire: The Roman Army and Political Power Kindle Edition
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Coronavirus Apprentice Viral Ratings

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