Corona Virus Parallax Views

The Ochelli Effect 3-2-2020 JG Michael

Corona Virus Parallax Views

We started the broadcast week with an unusual last-minute guest and a plan from last week. Chuck promised listeners last week he would discuss the reality of the latest fear porn craze AKA The Coronavirus Outbreak. The opening 15+ minutes of the show is focused on the political puppet show brought to you by the DNC.

JG Michael the uniquely talented slightly twisted to the left host of Parallax Views joined Chuck to break down the grand psyop for most of the show. Hope gives, and hope takes when it comes to the stock market casino. Oddly, Chuck almost agrees with Fat Head Limbaugh and his orange master regarding the real-world dangers of the alleged pandemic.

Ochelli refuses to embrace fear, or appeals to authority, how about you? JG doesn’t seem to disagree much with Chuck’s stance on the subject.

The conversation also contains a few detours into left/right paradigm debates, and a shout out to Terry Tapp who was the intended guest before our friend stepped in. We still wonder if anyone bothers to read show notes. Outside of recent comments on Youtube from Patricia, it seems most commenters there don’t listen to what they have to insult.

Hopefully, everyone who listens to gains something from the entire discussion. The break in the show was at an odd time. We hope to do more shows with JG soon.

Corona Virus Parallax Views

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Corona Virus Parallax Views – The Ochelli Effect 3-2-2020 JG Michael