Cops Kill Little Consequence

The Ochelli Effect 9-25-2020 Roundtable

Cops Kill Little Consequence

B Pete co-hosted the Friday Night Open Mic. The Killing of Breonna Taylor and the details of the case were featured in the discussion. Can 30 bullets be a reasonable response to 1? Do we know the 26-year-old Taylor was standing next to her boyfriend while being shot 5 or 6 times?

Ed from out west and Mrs.O joined the call and added more than two cents. We learned the B Pete weather report is a thing. Is it OK when white people are murdered by the police? Florida is open again. More than 1,000 people have died in the US this year in police interactions, and 99 percent of them were not killed in clashes during protests. Will we see the investigations revealed to the public in detail?

Is the system broken? Poor people get a raw deal. Black People get a double portion of a raw deal. How should we all deal with the situation? How much of a settlement makes up for a cop killing someone you care about? What’s the price tag?

Chuck recapped a few interesting shows from earlier in the week.


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Cops Kill Little Consequence

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