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Trans Resister Radio and Uncle LIVE 4-19-2019 Pearse Redmond

(Aaron’s Notes)
TRR 226

Friend and fellow Ochelli Radio Network host Pearse Redmond is our guest as we talk a bit about his show Porkins Policy Review. A strange media landscape filled with nonsense opens up a lot of opportunity for anyone hoping to do something different.

topics include: #porkinspolicyreview, Instagram, Porkins, live radio, podcast, listener feedback, getting recognized in public, Qanon, calling in to shows, bike lane in Holland Tunnel, hosting, Joseph L Flatley, conspiracy theory, MKULTRA, making up lies, grifters, right wing vs left wing views, doctrinaire beliefs, propaganda, far left politics, hard to please audience, deep events,

Utp 133

Uncle welcomes back Pearse Redmond to the broadcast. The ancient conflict between Freemasons and the Knights of Columbus is discussed after Uncle retells his story of being questioned by the police for carrying his ceremonial sword in public. If that isn’t street cred to win over the proprietor of the local sword shop then what is?

topics include: Porkins, crocodile ghandi, Vancouver is Canada’s San Diego, Elon Musk, electric vehicles, bringing up controversial topics in everyday life, recording shows across time zones, Crocodile Dundee, Paul Hogan, not a knife, professional wrestling, sword shop, business cards, Knights of Columbus, carrying a sword on the street, Crystal Cathedral, Orange California, fraternal orders looking for younger members, secret societies, KofC uniform change, beret, feud between Masons and Knights of Columbus, Catholics not allowed in Freemasonry, religion, history of KofC, deals on insurance, Ochelli Fest, live broadcasting events, Tecate, popular bar beers

Conspiracy Culture Sword Play

(Producers Notes)
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Hey @brokenrib thanks for calling @UnclePodcast!
@Franzimulation @PorkinsPolicy @OchelliEffect

Conspiracy Culture Sword Play

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Conspiracy Culture Sword Play