Consensus Reality Propaganda Dance

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The Age of Transitions and Uncle LIVE 9-4-2020 Ray and Connor

Consensus Reality Propaganda Dance

AoT #285

Is there a new American civil war beginning, or is there something else happening? Will Charles Manson’s face become the next big street art phenomenon?

topics include the 2020 presidential election, worst years, Joe Biden, Donald Trump, left and right-wing politics, divide and conquer, race war, civil war, Helter Skelter, news, fringe political ideas have gone mainstream, conspiracy ideas in popular culture, military advisors to media productions, China, technology, machine learning, geopolitics, culture wars

Utp #192

The identity of Uncle’s sword show is revealed. Callers weigh in on which color ninja is the best.

topics include: Resurrection Ertugrul, historical fiction, Game of Thrones, fantasy, swords, American Ninja, ninja suits, Australia, desert, taekwondo

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Consensus Reality Propaganda Dance

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