confirmation bias psychology today

The Ochelli Effect 5-28-2018 Chuck Solo

Chuck goes solo on a moon day. His mixed feelings regarding “Memorial Day” are immediately followed up with his lone caller of the night. Meria Heller, ( calls in and fires up the first hour with many bits of news. Solid anger is heard from both host and caller. Meria is half of the Hell and High Water podcast you may be familiar with. Chuck calls her “Mom.” New Jersey police beating, Rudy G., and Russian Agent Orange all get covered. We love when we hear from Meria Heller. The second hour contains Rand Studies, Trumpet Flashes, Korean misadventures, Irish abortion, and Elon Musk all get a bit of coverage. Problem Reaction, Police State, and other random paradigms.confirmation bias psychology today and the creeping death of the American Empire. Has a mail order bride finally grown some dignity? How sickening is it that the former clown from celebrity apprentice is the alleged commander in chief? Why respect a leader who has no dignity? Never back the elitists that care nothing for you.


confirmation bias psychology today

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confirmation bias psychology today – The Ochelli Effect 5-28-2018 Chuck Solo