Computational Human Cryptocurrency Converter

Computational Human Cryptocurrency Converter

The Ochelli Effect 1-10-2018 Aaron Franz & Jordan Maxwell

Aaron Franz kicks off this wodinsday episode with a serious look at the transition of transitions and Chuck supplies the feedback loop that gives many nose bleed to those that dare explore it. Who or what is creating God? is the unreal more real than real? Data mining along with Computational Human Cryptocurrency Converter concepts seem to be in order. Meanwhile , Has pop culture actually popped? where in hell are we going? Might we end up in synthetic heaven, or Zip Drive Hell? See if you can keep up…

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Hour 2 we are joined by the legendary Jordan Maxwell who takes us through the sophisticated array of linguistics that may have us understand or over-stand the true meaning of Police and business. Is trusting other a flaw of character? Plus we get an update on Jordan personally , hear his views on the City of Fallen Angels , and Cannabis. Along with Jordan’s new T.V. project and how he has done what he could to educate the masses for more than half a century. You just don’t know how dark the the darkness is until you see it yourself. Chuck explains that he knows where an open air mental ward is located, and much more …


Computational Human Cryptocurrency Converter

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Computational Human Cryptocurrency Converter

The Ochelli Effect 1-10-2018 Aaron Franz and Jordan Maxwell

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