Communist Manifesto Manifesting Part Two

The Ochelli Effect 4-1-2020 Jeffrey Matte

Communist Manifesto Manifesting Part Two


Our discussion continues on the Social Credit System. We cover some connections to World Communism and how the coronavirus assists in fulfilling that agenda.

World Communism… (The International corporate elite and or Globalism is what you should consider looking into)
The United Nations is the master public corporation to the elite. It’s their baby…..

This COVID event is also designed to accomplish many objectives including a very important one to TRANSFORM OUR CONSUMER ECONOMY TO A CRISIS ECONOMY……

A CRISIS ECONOMY IS THE KEY TO A SOCIAL CREDIT SYSTEM….Very important. I also believe that the current administration might be the only force that can confront World Communism and block the social credit system and extreme slavery. Phasing out humanity through obsoleteness and assisted suicide are also points to consider.

If you disagree with my take, that the current administration is not the solution and is part of the problem then let’s agree that the overall problem we are facing is world communism and put that detail on the side. For more information please visit my website.

(For the record, Chuck disagrees with Jeffrey about Trump. Trump is in fact, A working partner and beneficiary of The So-Called “DEEP STATE”.)

Communist Manifesto Manifesting Part Two – The Ochelli Effect 4-1-2020 Jeffrey Matte


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Communist Manifesto Manifesting Part Two

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