Communist Manifesto Manifesting 2020

The Ochelli Effect 3-30-2020 Jeffrey Matte

Communist Manifesto Manifesting 2020

(Notes From Jeffrey Matte)

This lockdown is an attack on you personally.
This attack is coming from World Communism… (The International Corporate elite)
The United Nations is the master corporation to the Elite that will benefit the most. This COVID event is designed to accomplish many objectives including a very important one to Transform our CONSUMER ECONOMY TO A CRISIS ECONOMY…… Very important.

I also have a presentation that can help bridge the gap and will complement this show.

I also recommend you get a membership with Chuck and listen to the Social Credit System shows part 1 & 2.

I also want to show a pattern that COVID 19 is a milestone crisis to help implement the Global Social Credit System in North America and ultimately the whole world.

Social distancing takes away your power and open your mind to a new way of living and thinking where you are no longer in control. (Its a Communist move) Plain and simple.
Some additional links to consider…
Part 2 will go deeper and explore possible solutions.

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Jeffrey Matte

Communist Manifesto Manifesting 2020

(Notes From Chuck)

I am not entirely sold on calling this a Communist Conspiracy, but a conspiracy of Predatory Control systems is viable in my mind. The question I ask myself is always who is benefitting from a real, exaggerated, or imagined crisis?

It matters very little how real anything is when fear and justifications for the surrender of freedoms is the only consistent order of the world around us. Is there anything new under the sun?

Is the recession or possible depression being steered by the powers that be? What’s next? The interesting percentage to keep an eye out for is 33. This will represent the goals for lockdowns and the controlled demolition of the already dysfunction facilities in the society.



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Communist Manifesto Manifesting 2020 – The Ochelli Effect 3-30-2020 Jeffrey Matte