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The Ochelli Effect 3-14-2019 Jeffrey Matte

– The Usual Suspect Show Notes –

On W Odin’s Day Chuck was otherwise engaged with a real-world issue, so moving on to the next day of the week it seemed appropriate to disconnect a bit more from the break-neck pace of the current propaganda cycles with Jeffrey Matte.

Thor’s Day seemed to lend itself to a lighter discussion on the color system as explained by Jeffrey Matte. Before diving deep into the topic, we got a full explanation as to how Jeffrey Matte started appearing on The Ochelli Effect. Chuck asked many questions regarding the system Jeffrey explains.

Who created the color scheme for international commerce? Why is red the color of priority? Is the incremental transition of signals everywhere? What are Green mailboxes in the United States used for? Where does the color code end and begin signaling the various messages embedded in it?

has there been a shift in the code since the United Nations became a thing? Is there a difference between methods used by Madison Avenue marketing and the system Mr. Matte describes? Is black the color of control? Why is the analyzation of the color pink still a work in progress? What are the differences between Police and Sheriffs? Militarized police are a reality.

Color Coded Map Legend

– Notes From Jeffrey Matte –

Some loose parameters to keep in mind when

The code was noted through observation of the US interstate highway system colored coded signs.
The pattern tends to appear more often if the environment has an international connection.
My suspicion is the code came out around when the UN began.
This is my attempt to understand something that I always took for granted and never got satisfactory answers. I look for examples of pattern recognition and is subject to improvement/revision.

The closer to international and in the public the more

The Visual cues greatly improve clarity.

Black = Control
White = Offering
Red = Priority
Blue = Commerce
Purple = Sovereignty
Orange = Change
Green = Service
Brown = Culture
Yellow = Activity
Grey = Support

For more info with visual cues please visit:

Color Coded Map Legend


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Color Coded Map Legend – The Ochelli Effect 3-14-2019 Jeffrey Matte