Cold Torture Tea 2.0

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The Age of Transitions and Uncle LIVE 11-15-2019

Cold Torture Tea 2.0

(Aaron’s Notes)
AOT 252

We have heard a bit about Cold War 2.0, but what do we know of it? What about the original Cold War? China and Russia both seem to be adversarial and friendly given what American is talking about them, and in what context.

topics include: geopolitics, economics, foreign policy, technology, government, propaganda, insular nations, internet, military

UTP 159

Uncle talks tea. Was it that Ice T who wrote the lyrics for Mr. T’s Be Somebody, Or Be Somebody’s Fool?

topics include: torture, Guantanamo Bay, iced tea, passion tea, Starbucks, Wawa, guava tea, Rooibos, fruit, making jelly

(Producers Notes)

Adam Fitzgerald is on both hours to mixed results.
Wawa and the wide world of c-stores.
Peach Tea is the shit.
Aaron covered a lot of transitions in hour 1.

Cold Torture Tea 2.0

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Cold Torture Tea 2.0 – The Age of Transitions and Uncle LIVE 11-15-2019