Code Red

The Ochelli Effect 8-31-2018 Jonathan Simon

CODE RED: Computerized Elections and the War on American Democracy

Corruption feeds corruption. Just another Friday on The Ochelli Effect.

Let us count the ways elections are hijacked. Do your votes count? Did they ever count?

Is the electronic ballot worse than other forms of vote collection? How long has this been as corrupt as it is?

Code Red

Author and election activist Jonathan Simon joins Chuck on this Friar’s day to discuss the rigged system in more ways than we often cover on The Ochelli Effect.

We get some insight into why The GOP seems to be the beneficiary of the rigged system and why their alleged opposition has remained silent.

Computerized election theft is only the beginning. Is there any way to restore the intended intent of the system that could represent the will of the people?

Russia may be meddling but they are playing with an already broken game. Must we start from scratch to have a shot at redemption?

Chuck also covers white voters and some news on the billionaires that are buying the feedback loops of information.


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Code Red

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Code Red – The Ochelli Effect 8-31-2018 Jonathan Simon