Changes Covid19 Springer Teeth

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The Age of Transitions and Uncle LIVE 3-27-2020 No Guest

Changes Covid19 Springer Teeth

TAOT #268

In the short-term we are dealing with massive changes due to Covid19. People are working from home, not working at all, or possibly not working again. But, what happens when the crisis subsides? There are some serious long-term changes that we can see developing, many of which have been brewing for a long time now.

topics include: Corona Virus, economy, jobs, working, technology, Ai, robotization, Boston Dynamics, automation, UBI, stimulus, government subsidizing life, military life, generation gap, Boomers, Millennials, Zoomers, online life, media, YouTubers, Protestant Work Ethic, MAGA

UTP #174

The Virus is everywhere you look. There are tanks on trains. CEOs have stepped down. In this world of so much fear and anxiety, can any man save us? Could that man be Kung Fu Hillbilly?

topics include: scaring the kids, new teeth, bleach, landscaping, non essential business, Name That Tune, Instagram, presidential election, Biden, Larry Page, CEOs stepping down, bike shops, virus illustrations, red artichokes, tanks on trains, martial law, military, Covid19 case numbers, swords, mall, Top Gun 2, kung fu hillbilly, Jerry Springer

Changes Covid19 Springer Teeth

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Changes Covid19 Springer Teeth – The Age of Transitions and Uncle LIVE 3-27-2020 No Guest