Ccrazy Time Fire Lizzard Robyn

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The Age of Transitions and Uncle LIVE 9-25-2020 Robyn

Ccrazy Time Fire Lizzard Robyn

AoT #288

Newt Gingrich is up to his old tricks again. He just can’t seem to help himself from talking like one of those wacky conspiracy-clowns that you find online. This show will tell you all about the truth, lies, and true lies that other media outlets are too scared to touch.

topics include: media, television, Fox News, fringe talking points in the mainstream, Bill O’Reilly, SJWs, Antifa, socialism, Karens, 2020 the worst year, reusing cardboard boxes, Ron Paul, street names, virtual reality, kneeling at football

Utp #195

Uncle talks to a regular caller, Robin. Preparations for the Revolution are now being made. Listeners take note, be there for the live show on New Year’s Eve.

topics include: almost 200 episodes, sword show, Netflix, media, streaming, year of the DJ, Strange Brew, Rick Moranis, Second City, presidential debate, Joe Biden, Donald Trump, Florida is now a super spreader event

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Ccrazy Time Fire Lizzard Robyn

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