20 07, 2019

5G Depopulation Wifi Tree

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5G Depopulation Wifi Tree The Ochelli Effect 7-19-2019 Larry Woods Larry Woods returns to the show to further explain the energetic world. Are there many machines and power elements of knowledge that become lost and found over time? Do you enjoy being sterilized via microwaves? Has life risen and fallen on this planet without [...]

23 06, 2018

Electric Magnetic Fish Tips

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Electric Magnetic Fish Tips Trans Resister Radio & Uncle The Broadcast Presented by OCHELLI.COM 6-22-2018 Larry Woods Larry Woods hangs in for both Trans Resister and Uncle broadcasts.NanoTech is small. The amount of empty space in the human body might be shocking to some. This is a topic salad. Your backyard can be a [...]

24 10, 2017

Cynthia McKinney Magnetism vibration Electricity

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Cynthia McKinney Magnetism vibration Electricity The Ochelli Effect 10-23-2017 Larry Woods and Cynthia McKinney PhD Hour 1 Larry Woods returns to the Ochelli Effect on a Monday to do very little except explain what all things in the universe have in common. How  can we make EMF less harmful than it is ? Take [...]

7 09, 2017

ANTIFA BS FAKE left FAKE right Static

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  ANTIFA BS FAKE left FAKE right Static ANTIFA BS FAKE left FAKE right Static Ochelli Effect 9-6-2017 Mark Windows and Larry Woods Mark Windows joins us in the first hour to explain how the entire left vs. Right stupidity is now being used on both sides of the Atlantic to drive people into [...]

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