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TRR 194

Independent animator Bill Plympton comes on Trans Resister Radio to talk about his Trump Bites animated series. The series has a Kickstarter campaign that only lasts a few more days. Bill takes some time to respond to critics that claim Trump Bites is homophobic in this interview. We also talk a bit about his new feature Revengeance.

topics include: animation, animated shorts, Donald Trump, Putin, bigness, germs, words, real-life audio clips, art, satire, political cartoons, freedom of speech, film screenings, drawing

Utp 102

Uncle and Aaron have a lively conversation about cartoons, Norse mythology and out of body experiences. This is a true podcast as a plethora of pop culture is analyzed in the way that only Uncle could do.

topics include: cartoons, cartoon characters, Tazmanian Devil, Disney, Disneyland, intellectual property, comics, Norse mythology, Thor, movies, superheroes, out of body experiences, paranormal, Batman, Superman 3, Richard Pryor, Gene Hackman, Poison Ivy, Mr Freeze, Bat Girl, religion, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Ghostbusters, Dan Aykroyd, the occult, live show

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Cartoon Trump Supernatural

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Cartoon Trump Supernatural – 7-20-2018