Captain Marvel Cadet Bone Spurs

Popcorn Politics 7-21-2020 Eric Cunningham

Captain Marvel Cadet Bone Spurs

On today’s episode of Popcorn Politics, Eric Cunningham and I went through the packed week of news. Trump’s poll #s have entered the catastrophic territory, down anywhere from 8-15 points against former VP Joe Biden.

This is a disastrous position not seen for an incumbent in decades, furthermore, the numbers related to the Coronavirus should be even more alarming for the President. At this point, it becomes difficult to see Trump’s path to victory.

More bad news for Republicans, this time in Kansas, Steve Watkins, the representative of the second congressional district, was charged with 3 felonies including voter fraud. This puts a seat that wasn’t really at risk.

The other big political topic was corruption with regards to the Lincoln Project. The Lincoln Project are former Bush officials taking money to create anti-Trump ads, in reality, they keep roughly 86% of the money for “overhead.”

Captain Marvel Cadet Bone Spurs

In hour 2, Eric stays with us to talk about Captain Marvel, the film I consider the best introduction film in the MCU.

What sticks out about the film is the script. This movie is so intelligently written with a focus on identity and finding yourself. The whole movie is about perspective and how switching it can change how you view conflict.

Take our main antagonists, for example, the Skrull is seen as the ultimate threat, infiltrating planets and taking them over. It turns out that that was just propaganda from the Kree and that the Skrull were refugees, trying to find the secret to light speed so they can escape the Kree Empire.

This movie is hyperfocused on character growth and giving Carol Danvers a real arc. The material is elevated by a great performance from Brie Larson and great visuals.

I become more impressed with this movie every time I watch it.

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