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Friday 4-20-2018 420 Show Ochelli Effect

Chuck begins the broadcast inviting callers to join him on 4-20. Data points covered include The origin of 4 20 in popular culture and a few items currently in the news on the subject of cannabis. The politics of pot become the primary focus. The discussion evolves into the second hour when Daniel Louis Crumpton and Barry Prince call in. The general cultural and spiritual impact of the plant versus the stigma is front and center. Chuck also explains his views on the “Drug War” in general and puts that in context with the attitude of the Trump regime. A look at one website’s idea of the Top 100 albums of all time leads to Chuck doing a bit of Led Zeppelin and Beatles bashing which Chuck feels is well deserved. Loosing and expanding the mind. This is one of those much-needed conversations. Not many callers tried to reach out until after the standard show time. What are Your Thoughts? Chuck’s token story from New Jersey is pretty explosive as well. Are we in the weeds here? By the way, Russian Agent Orange hired Rudy (makes Chuck less proud to be Italian) Giuliani to bolster his legal team. PLUS: thoughts on why women do not dominate alternative music.

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cannabis condition culture

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The Ochelli Effect 4-20-2018 420 show: cannabis condition culture