Canadian Cannabis Confirmation Bias

The Ochelli Effect 11-9-2018 Roundtable

A good footnote for a Friday night show must now be an epitaph for a once aware critical thinker lost in cognitive dissonance.

Chuck asked Brian Richards to return and a Roundtable was formed.

A solid discussion about cannabis and the collective delusion of mass media goes well in hour one.

Meria Heller drops in joining Barry Prince and Brian Richards discussing Cannabis and the newly minted situation in Canada where it is imperfectly legal.

South Park and the story arch get a quick mention as do the election of dead and felonious GOP candidates selected on Tuesday. It is always good to hear from “The Mouth That Roars”, Meria Heller.

When the questions of leadership and how it all relates to your reality became part of the conversation we went to a break.

The second hour began with a cameo from Brians son and a call in from our friend “Tech”.

(Portion of show notes missing due to an angry host)

Canadian Cannabis Confirmation Bias

The final portion of the show winds up being about the Islamic boogeyman brought to you by Barry Prince.

After examining over 400 datasets attempting to verify Barry’s claim about the homeless shelters Chuck makes an interesting discovery.

Barry offered a Youtube video from a “Conservative” party politician in Canada claiming some “Facts” about the issue of illegal immigration into Toronto and how Homeless shelters are occupied by Asylum seekers and Refugees.

Chuck examined government and private data regarding the particulars over the course of several hours.

The data viewed objectively reveals that 2 “conservative” politicians back each other’s claims with no data shown, The “Liberal” politician gives rhetorical slogans in place of answers, The CBC “fact checks” by asking people to confirm statements without providing any evidence to verify or disprove assertions, and Barry repeats the part of the story which backs his beliefs.

The conclusion is drawn and only reveals that propaganda is rather effective in transforming baseless allegations into “Alternative Facts”. Fear and Identity politics welcome the divide and conquer paradigm with open arms.

Why is it Nigeria, Hungary, and China are not mentioned by Canadians fearing the invading hordes when they constitute the top three countries the most profound challenge to Whit Canadian Culture is profoundly challenged?

There is something to be said about repeating lies and how they become accepted. It is a sad day when you can’t convince a friend he is a pawn when your friendship was forged in the fires of discovery. All of us must be vigilant to avoid this pitfall.

Sadly Mr. Prince has chosen hate over knowledge. Please test your own conclusions and ours at all times. If he could step outside of his echo chamber, would see himself as part of the new sheople? If ignorance is bliss, wisdom is built from misery.

We must challenge the agendas of those who seek to create conflict among the masses so we have no time to turn our legitimate anger on the elitists who benefit from clashes of culture.

Canadian Cannabis Confirmation Bias


Canadian Cannabis Confirmation Bias
Don’t Believe us, Begin researching here with objectivity in mind. Follow the evidence trail and see where it takes you:$format=application/json;odata.metadata=none&unwrap=true&$top=100000&$select=OCCUPANCY_DATE,ORGANIZATION_NAME,SHELTER_NAME,SHELTER_ADDRESS,SHELTER_CITY,SHELTER_PROVINCE,SHELTER_POSTAL_CODE,FACILITY_NAME,PROGRAM_NAME,SECTOR,OCCUPANCY,CAPACITY&$orderby=OCCUPANCY_DATE,ORGANIZATION_NAME,SHELTER_NAME,FACILITY_NAME,PROGRAM_NAME
(above represents 2 of 32 sources used to collect data for Chucks conclussion)

Barrys Youtube Video evidence from a Right Wing Politicians Vlog:

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Canadian Cannabis Confirmation Bias – The Ochelli Effect 11-9-2018 Roundtable