Calls For Almost Free Thought

The Ochelli Effect 2-2-2018 Friday Trying to take calls

So Friars Day is another night Chuck thought taking calls might be a “Good Idea”. No One responded to the 1)252)301-2255 line but after a few messages sent in text on Skype Read as follows,”Because you are one of my most interesting skype contacts , I am sending this message to let you know I am taking calls tonight for both hours and Skype ins at random, Would love to have you call in if you have time 8-10pm eastern or call @ 252 301 2255 I might even extend the show if we get a good roundtable going , but for sure 8-10 I will just have open Lines , I am talking about the Jackass memo from today first but after that I have no idea where this might go , all I am asking is let’s not curse on air” Dylan Wade and Barry Prince joined in. Calls For Almost Free Thought … Plus Chuck reads from and comments on the following Links

The Nunes Memo getting some of Chuck’s attention along with a few random acts of Free Thought complete this Week-ending Ochelli Effect. Where shall we go from here?

Calls For Almost Free Thought Ochelli Effect 2-2-2018

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Calls For Almost Free Thought