Bush JFK Assassination Myth Plasma

Bush JFK Assassination Myth Plasma

The Ochelli Effect 2-16-2018 – Frank Gregory Ford and Dave Stewart

On a Friday when Chuck’s guest is late due to a misunderstanding about time Chuck decides to call Frank Gregory Ford , long time friend of the show and address the misinformation Dr. Ford was discussing on Barry Prince’s show earlier in the day. Dr. Ford seems to have a bogus source  on the JFK Assassination. Why do we say this ? Well Dr. Ford has bought into the Bush did it myth which we have completely destroyed several times on this show. Nobody is perfect. Several interviews , photographic evidence and the debunking of poorly displayed photographic non-sense lined up with FBI records , and a ton of other pieces of information brought forward by Chuck and various guests over the past few years , versus I know a guy who says? We hope Greg will reverse this poorly founded position so that he will stop undermining his own credibility

Bush JFK Assassination Myth Plasma

Late into the second hour the originally planned guest arrives Dave Stewart. A brief description of what they do at the healing center in Peru . which we will explore much more in the near future. Plasma , and a uniquely holistic approach are the interesting aspects here as well as a rather unconventional Plasma take.  http://xi4.com/

Not a bad Friars day on the fly for the Ochelli Effect , Tech Struggles continue but will be resolved shortly …

Bush JFK Assassination Myth Plasma

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Bush JFK Assassination Myth Plasma

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