Burns Vietnam Selectively Sanitized

The Ochelli Effect 10-3-2017 Mike Swanson Breaking down the Burns Version of Vietnam Episode 3

Burns Vietnam Selectively Sanitized

Any regular listener knows that The Vietnam War is one of the most referenced events on The Ochelli Effect. Chuck points to it as a key toxic time period in American History. It is with great pride that Michael Swanson has agreed to dissect the monster-length Ken Burns Documentary on the subject with Chuck. This is the second episode of the Ochelli Effect to focus on the Documentary.

Michael Swanson author of The War State Critiques and describes the third chapter of Ken Burns Documentary Series on The Vietnam War. The critical years of 1964 and 1965 are in focus as Chuck and Mike unpack the representations of LBJ , The Gulf of Tonkin Resolution, and the political landscapes of the years that would shape the historical blight on America that is today called The Vietnam War. Are there any Lessons learned? Burns Vietnam Selectively Sanitized  . Is Moogie a good dramatic device in part 3 ? what is the overall message? Ask a veteran what it was really like. Military minds clashed the same as civilian Is this entire presentation an attempt to make the American actions in Vietnam appear as though they merely misguided? How Bad is this film series? Two hours on this section seemed required to just begin to allow the listener to understand the level of Burns Vietnam Selectively Sanitized film.


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The Ochelli Effect 10-3-2017 Michael Swanson

Burns Vietnam Selectively Sanitized