Bundy Ranch After Action Report

The Ochelli Effect 10-30-2017 SunshineOn & Vince Easley

First hour Sunshine On Returns and explains a concept of collective experience and personal journey that explains her last appearance much better. Note Chuck is NOT an old-timer in media , but is one in the realm of JFK research. plus trama itself often motivates reaction , action , and again actions more than some give it credit for.

Second Hour Vince Easley Returns to update us on jury selection and much more related to the latest authorities attempt to prosecute people connected to the events in 2014. Bundy Ranch After Action Report , takes us from witnesses to gun control memes being used to justify long question forms , and who is actually shackled here? Maybe all of us. Chuck shows a bit of his disdain for the allegedly legal process in The allegedly American system. It sure as hell isn’t the things Superman stood for , Truth , Justice , and The American way ,  at least that’s what the T.V. Show used to say. By The Way he was an illegal alien , but that’s another story …

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Bundy Ranch After Action Report

The Ochelli Effect 10-30-2017 SunShine On & Vince Easley