Brexit Breaking Artisan Loaf

The Ochelli Effect 9-13-2019 Artisan Loaf

Brexit Breaking Artisan Loaf

This Friday The 13th we talked with Artisan Loaf about the possible no-deal Brexit coming on October 31, 2019.

As a friend of the network Artisan Loaf has been a guest on many shows discussing the wild world of Elon Musk. This show examined what that may mean for many groups involved in this saga. How bad is a United Europe?

Also explored is the cost of living and just barely living in the US and the UK. Have you looked at the Dollar versus the Pound lately? If the leaders in power are walking disasters, what does that say about those that they lead?

How bad would a no-deal Brexit be? Is the confusing narrative the real story? What is the current state of the Kingdom that may or may not be United?

Do you think there should be more to the many stories told in financial media? Is there a strong Dollar in the real world?

Are all the games fixed for all the players in the money game? Is it cheaper to eat in the UK?

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Brexit Breaking Artisan Loaf

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Brexit Breaking Artisan Loaf – The Ochelli Effect 9-13-2019 Artisan Loaf