Breonna Taylor Justice Still Denied

The Ochelli Effect 10-21-2020 Gray and Regular Joe

Breonna Taylor Justice Still Denied

This Wednesday Chuck talks with a protester who was on the ground in Kentucky for events triggered by the murder of Breonna Taylor. Gray is the guest. Gray participated in multiple street actions in Louisville.

Gray describes a scene where protesters were given sanctuary in a church and discuss why they were in the streets. Tomorrow night another person of interest will also speak about the events.

The system is broken and the Grand Jury that followed proves it. We may hear from Gray again soon.

Chuck went into the second hour discussing other things in the news cycle and got an update from Regular Joe in the last 15 minutes of the show. Borat Sucks! Rudy Guliani Sucks too!

Why haven’t we heard from Joe in a while? Did Joe know about the Toobin story? Coronavirus is real Ya’ll.

Do you like your country shaken or stirred?


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Breonna Taylor Justice Still Denied

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