Boiling Frog Taste Test

The Ochelli Effect 7-10-2020 Roundtable

Boiling Frog Taste Test

Open Mic Friday Night is still a thing. B Pete co-hosts another call-in show that featured no callers. It’s not his fault, it’s yours!

Anyway, Roger Stone got off the hook. Is anyone surprised? Between COVID19 and the DOJ doing Trump’s bidding doing the trick for the real deep state puppets, the alphabet soup might need some more Q’s, and they are not watching the P tapes.

Are you wearing a mask yet? Is all the alleged science on maks-wearing so unclear? Why has South Korea dealt with the alleged pandemic so well?

Is anybody out there? Is there a reader getting my messages? Are there any queers in the theater tonight? Get them up against the wall!!!!!

Assume the position, and get your masks back to their proper upright face-hugging position! You’re about to land, and it ain’t Kansas anymore Toto. Bitch.


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July 31, 2020

Boiling Frog Taste Test – The Ochelli Effect 7-10-2020 Roundtable

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