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The Ochelli Effect 3-13-2018 Mike Swanson and JP Sottile

Michael Swanson author of The War State joins Chuck, or what’s left of him after the Flu had its way to break out the financial news and lack thereof. is where Mike really explains a great deal of the matters covered here, but Chuck does his best to relate his less educated observations in the first hour while painting the verbal back-drop of politics for the listener in the age of TRUMP. What are the trends we will see soon? Is there a way to understand the seemingly unreal values of real things? Listen and find out…

Hour 2 JP Sottile the NewsVandal himself steps in to articulate what Chuck has said almost all the way from the selection in 2016 – Today. Trump is not at war with the “Deep State” , He and His alleged Chronies ARE THE DAMN DEEP STATE!! Jp covers much more than this, but Chuck is absolutely thrilled to hear JP say what he has always thought. Especially while he is coughing off-mic. Wall Street, The Military Industrial Complex, The Brand Trump, and Even The Zionist agenda all in the mix for Russian Agent Orange, and the latest firings in the Orange Republic.ic ( couldn’t Say Banana) And Get The RunDown if you haven’t already

Block Chain Reality Show

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The Ochelli Effect 3-13-2018 Michael Swanson and JP Sottile

Block Chain Reality Show