Black Budget Comic Mix

The Ochelli Effect 6-21-2019 Folie a Deux

The guy behind Black Budget was on Porkins Policy Radio recently. Chuck was producing at that time and knew of the comic. Chuck immediately invited Folie aDuex to do the Ochelli Effect to add to what Pearse Redmond had explored regarding this unique artwork.

Influences and inspirations behind the concepts and creation of Black Budget Comix were explored in the discussion. There is a generational difference between Chuck and Folie that easily revealed in the conversation but there is also elements of pop-culture and sub-pop-culture that seemed to have been in play as Folie created this stellar piece of media.

Folie addresses mind-control as a topic and even begins to touch on other areas of conspiracy culture during this interview and in his work. The conversation is safe for work, but The Comix ARE NOT SAFE FOR WORK.

Black Budget Comic Mix


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Black Budget Comic Mix

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Black Budget Comic Mix – The Ochelli Effect 6-21-2019 Folie a Deux