Bitcoin 2018 Sunshine on Artificial Titles

The Ochelli Effect 12-26-2017 Michael Swanson and SunShine On

The author of the War State gets us back on track for Tuesday , when Michael Swanson appears to continue the bitcoin discussion along with some reflections and some attempts to measure the future of American diplomacy. The paradigms have shifted but reading the tea leaves regarding future results may or may not be the same as the parlor tricks of old. also mentioned in the first hour is a short film Mike had a great deal to do with JFK : OCHELLI ON THE GRASSY KNOLL which Mike appears in and did some of the camera work for

Mike’s financial expertise combined with his solid grasp of the great game we sometimes call international politics is easily heard here … Bitcoin 2018 Sunshine on Artificial Titles

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Second hour chuck begins alone reads some interesting headlines of the day and goes deeper on an article about jazzed up job titles before being joined by Ochelli Effect Staple Sunshine On. Bitcoin 2018 Sunshine on Artificial Titles  … Customer service and the newest Matrix of simulated reality and persona are explored along with some thoughts about the next alleged calendar year quickly approaching are included in the second hour. Also did Chuck just say a machine fooled him into thinking it was a person?? could be. PLUS , “Mking Christmas , Making Christmas … Is 2018 going to be a good year? Stay tuned , and find out

Bitcoin 2018 Sunshine on Artificial Titles

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Bitcoin 2018 Sunshine on Artificial Titles

The oCHELLI eFFECT 12-26-2017 Mike Swanson and Sunshine On