Bipartisan American War Machine

The Ochelli Effect 7-11-2019 Carmine Savastano

Have you ever heard people argue that either the GOP or the Dems are the Warmongers? Is either party actually in opposition to military intervention at all?

When it comes to budget concerns it seems the military is untouchable when it comes to cuts. Does the revolving door between the Pentagon and Military contractors have anything to do with the unchallenged War-For-Profit Industry?

Will any moral dilemma slow down the expansion of the military-industrial complex? Is this all part of the bedrock of human instincts?

Carmine and Chuck discussed all of the above and got into a few other areas of interest during this Thursday’s show.

Bipartisan American War Machine


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Bipartisan American War Machine

Carmine Savastano

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Bipartisan American War Machine – The Ochelli Effect 7-11-2019 Carmine Savastano