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LIVE 2-15-2019 JG Michael

Bionic Horizon Slasher Flix

(Aaron’s Notes)
TRR 218

JG Michael, the host of the Parallax Views podcast, is the guest on this episode. Here, he talks a bit about the links between transhumanist and far-right ideologies. From obsessing over logic and reason to the promotion of eugenics, this cadre of futurists has a decidedly dark way of viewing the world.

topics include: transhumanism, right-wing extremism, fascism, monarchy, democracy, authoritarianism, Anarcho-Capitalism, Alt-Right, Libertarianism, technology, artificial intelligence, Eliezer Yudkowsky, Less Wrong, MIRI, Singularity University, scientism, Bayesian Mathematics, Michael Anissimov, Neoreactionary Movement, Google, Ray Kurzweil, Nick Land, Postmodernism, Academia, Dark Enlightenment, HP Lovecraft, eugenics, Curtis Yarvin, Mencius Moldbug

Utp 125

JG Michael comes on the broadcast to talk to Uncle about horror movies, cannabis and more.

topics include: Top Gun, movies, horror, Friday the 13th, Jason Voorhees, Freddy Krueger, Halloween, podcasting, Joe Rogan, guests, social networking, sports, NFL, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

(Producers Notes – Without Reason or Rhyme)
Trans Human wight and left wings?
The red pill is also a key to the incell thing.
The secret of the MATRIX – Neo never left the construct.
Ring wing authoritarian thinkers went hiding among Libertarians infected and destroyed the original movement.
Odd thing Trump has united the kooks in part and that is what the slavish MAGA zombie hordes not riding the Orange horse for profits to the elite.
Up wing and Down wing? Rehabilitating Eugenics?
Neuro-linguistic control.
Aaron should cut several Promos from the part where Uncle talks about weed
Horror Movies – That would be a great set of reviews for Uncle to do.

Bionic Horizon Slasher Flix

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Bionic Horizon Slasher Flix